Fall Down;Get Up

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I like staying up from dusk to dawn with something mind altering in hand. I also love to read and write, books with purpose that make me want to change myself. I dislike people with huge egos, tendencies to litter, and unflattering clothes. I just want to lay under the sun and dream. Lots of love xx -P

I have a consistent routine in my life, I function from Monday-Thursday as a normal, intelligent, quiet, salad-eating girl. I go to class, read books, and my only social activities include dinners. Then from Thursday-Early Sunday, I become a blacked-out, slutty, loud, nacho eating nut-job. I go to countless parties, drink copious amounts, and yearn for boys I most definitely should not. Then all day Sunday I contemplate my life and decisions, try to make up for the mistakes I’ve made over the weekend and also try to forget any of the brief memories I may have. And then it starts all over. And because it is Sunday and I’m reflecting on my life, I wonder if I absolutely adore this cycle or thoroughly detest it. Haven’t come to the conclusion yet, but we will meet again next Sunday.