Fall Down;Get Up

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I like staying up from dusk to dawn with something mind altering in hand. I also love to read and write, books with purpose that make me want to change myself. I dislike people with huge egos, tendencies to litter, and unflattering clothes. I just want to lay under the sun and dream. Lots of love xx -P

I’m so excited for Summer that it makes my heart race when I’m trying to drift off to sleep. I imagine myself planting a little garden on the deck, lettuce, carrots, basil, and tomatoes to start. Wearing an apron as I cut my vegetables and create a masterpiece salad. Waiting patiently, watching the clock for the sound of footsteps on the front walkway. Presenting my home cooked dinner and watching his face light up. And then eating slowly, savoring every bit of sun and warmth on the deck, the sounds of the city around us in our own little euphoria. I can’t wait for the farmers markets and walks to work. I can’t wait for this Summer to be mine for once, ours. Exploring a possibility that we both only dreamed of. Come to me sweet warm days in a new land.