Fall Down;Get Up

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I like staying up from dusk to dawn with something mind altering in hand. I also love to read and write, books with purpose that make me want to change myself. I dislike people with huge egos, tendencies to litter, and unflattering clothes. I just want to lay under the sun and dream. Lots of love xx -P

Rereading intensely dark entries from the past and shivering in my room. I want to cry for the little lost girl I was. 

I feel as though I have grown up so much this Summer. There is so much more stability and confidence in what I want. I came to a conclusion about my future and it feels good, it feels good to say “the conclusion doesn’t actually matter.” I can do whatever the fuck I want and be whoever I want and no one can stop me. Does that mean I grew up? Maybe I just fell even further back into a youthful state…but wherever my maturity may lie, it feels fabulous to not have to give a fuck!